N J W L E  Board Members



Megan Flanagan

Mercer County Prosecutor's Office (Detective, Active)

1st Vice President

Heather Glogolich

Morris Township Police Department (Lieutenant, Active)


2nd Vice President

Jillian K. Sofield

 Montclair Police Department (Patrol, Active)



Danielle Oliveira

New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice (Detective Sergeant, Active)


Sara Dugan

Somerset County Prosecutor's Office (Detective, Active)

Board of Directors/ Trustees

Kim Nelson-Edwards - Montclair Police Department (Detective, Retired)

Tracy Frazzano - Marco Island Police Department  (Chief, Active)

Anne Kriegner - Office of Homeland Security  (Retired & Past NJWLE President)

Tammy Colonna - Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Detective, Active)

Laura Callahan - Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office (Retired)

Toni Latario - Warren County Prosecutor's Office (Detective Sergeant, Retired)


Legal Advisor

Jacquelynn Seely (Past NJWLE President)

updated January 2022