Q: Can I buy more than one ticket?

A: Yes!  If you are purchasing more than one ticket, choose the amount of tickets first then on the next screen you will be able to add first and last names of those attending.  Upon completion, the ticket(s) will be e-mailed where they can be saved on a phone or printed.  Printed and digital tickets will have a separate line to check-in the day of registration but you can still check-in by providing your first & last name upon arrival.  

Q: My agency is paying for me, can I still register?

A: Yes! Use the registration form below and check purchase order under payment type. We understand a lot of agencies pay for the training so we ask for a point of contact who will handle the payment (Purchase Order).


3817 Crosswicks Hamilton Square Road-Suite 157

Hamilton, NJ 08691

Please e-mail NJWLECONFERENCE@GMAIL.COM for new W-9 & additional documents. 

Any other questions or issues with registration, please e-mail NJWLECONFERENCE@GMAIL.COM